How Many Slaves Work for YOU?

Seems like a worthy topic to kick this off.

Didn’t know you have slaves working for you?
Even in the so-called “free world”, a great many of the products we use are touched by slave or otherwise exploited labor at some point in the manufacture or supply chain.

Go to this site and take the survey to learn more about modern slavery, and to discover what your slave footprint is.

Slavery FootprintWhile the survey and results are likely depressing to read, there is a bit of good news. The Slavery Footprint organization gives you a range of tools to let companies know you want them to account for where and how they obtain their materials.

And of course, they make it easy to spread the word and compare your results to other people’s.


My score was 28. This is a bit above the general average, but below the average for my age/sex/location.