Your comfort is my silence.
Don’t remember who said it, but it’s true.

In some things I consider silence to be criminal, and to be honest, I’m not interested in protecting anyone’s comfort zone.

Topics I like to be noisy about include but are not limited to:

  • Women/Feminism
  • Violence against women/sexual violence
  • Sexism & the status of women in society/culture
  • Queer/LGBT rights & politics
  • Racism & social inequality
  • Animal rights/cruelty to animals
  • Religious coercion/religious threats to freedom
  • The whole gamut of liberal/democratic rights & freedoms
  • Anything that pisses me off.

If you have something you want shout about, give me a holler. I’m happy to share.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. hey, I loved yr pics of women in delhi protesting the gang rape. May i use one of the pics, the one where women are wielding sticks against a policeman, on my blog? I’m an Indian and a woman who lives in an ashram and is a rabid feminist…

  2. My name is Alex and I am a Communications Manager at Barnard College. I am reaching out to you today with an idea for your blog. Being perfect and powerful, being a feminist: these are among the most popular topics of conversation among today’s young women. Barnard College’s new podcast series, Dare to Use the F-Word, tells the story of today’s feminists through the ideas, art, and activism that define them. Barnard President Debora Spar, in her new book Wonder Women: Sex, Power & the Quest for Perfection, explains that while most women today struggle with the idea of perfection, they also struggle with the concept of feminism itself. Are the two connected? Read President Spar’s thoughts in this exclusive post:https://barnard.edu/news/web-exclusive-president-spar.

    As a communications manager at Barnard, I want to continue these important conversations among feminist thought-leaders like you. I ask you to republish and share this post on your blog. Pose these questions to your audience; they may dare others to join us and use the f-word.

  3. Your blog resonates with me! I wanted to let you know about the comic my fiancee and I were inspired to create because our feminist queer selves wanted to see more people like us and our friends represented in our media! It’s called CASSIUS and it’s got a diverse cast of Roman lesbians who kick ass and a plot inspired by Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. We’re working to fund printing it via Kickstarter, so please take a look and consider sharing it if it’s something that you like!

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