Where All Arabs Are Terrorists

Trigger warning for extreme racism and violence. I really wish this was in English. I’ve translated parts of this below, but there are some things that no amount of translation will ever get across. This is a screenshot from a Facebook page in Hebrew, called “Death to all Terrorists”. Terrorists, apparently, are any and all Arabs.

These are responses to an image of dozens of bodies of dead Syrians in body bags. This page (and others) have been publishing various images of victims of the violence in Syria, including children. These responses are typical.

Earlier today and yesterday, I was involved in yet another discussion on BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions upon Israel, a movement calling for cultural boycotts on Israel until they comply with International law regarding treatment of Palestinians and the occupation of Palestinian people and territories). A repeated theme in this discussion is Jews (not necessarily Israelis) who post such statements as “Dear [name of musician], Israel is a peace-seeking nation, and Jews are peace-seeking people! We never start wars, we respect people, we are the victims!” and so on and so forth.

I really want to expose the true mindset in Israel. It is NOT peaceful or peace-seeking. Naftali Bennet, Israel’s Minister of Commerce, recently admitted to killing an unspecified number of Arabs, for unspecified reasons, and declared that is just fine. The people in this post, are not some fringe group. These are regular Israelis, and what they have written here – translated below – are things I hear every day. Everywhere I go. Read through, if you can stomach it, and judge for yourselves.

  • Don’t worry about the children, they’d just grow up to be terrorists anyway.
  • Beautiful picture!
  • LOLOL what a pleasure! And I’m not a racist, just a [sports team] fan! Buh-bye!
  • What a waste of good body bags.
  • Here’s to more in the ditch, amen.
  • Hoping for more, and more!
  • Pour acid on them, and then burn B’Tzelem (a human rights org) along with them
  • Death to them all, happy day
  • Great to wake up to good news in the morning!
  • Only 1000… Hoping for more.
  • Not enough
  • Praise God forever!
  • Pleasure 🙂
  • As Naftali Bennet said, “Terrorists must be killed”. Period.
  • The creator be praised!
  • More
  • God willing, all the Arabs will die, amen.
  • More, with God’s help.
  • LOL, you all are making me laugh.
  • God willing, so it shall be, every day
  • [image, parodying Arabic phrasing] what a beautiful sight!
  • More, and more
  • I’m lighting the grill, who’s joining me? It isn’t every day 1000 whores die
  • Let’s party! Who’ll bring the sweets? I’ll bring chips.
  • Oh no, what a tragedy!…. A thousand is too few!
  • Assad is the best!
  • So much fun to see this picture! Amen that this happens again and they all die! Amen!
  • Only 1000? Can’t we add some zeros to that?
  • My son is only four, and he passed by the computer so I quickly closed the picture, but he glimpsed it and asked me, “What’s that? Rats?” LOLOL He pretty much got it right.
  • Too bad there weren’t more.
  • So wonderful, God willing we’ll see beautiful images like this every day.
  • Do the math – how many virgins required?

Now repeat this by thousands of Facebook accounts, groups, cafes, buses, homes, army bases, schools, workplaces…. This is normal Israel, when it isn’t being pinkwashed, whitewashed, propagandized, and spinned.

5 thoughts on “Where All Arabs Are Terrorists

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  2. Hi, this article touched me because Arabs are being unfairly targeted as terrorist. This thinking is not unique to Israel ( no excuses for the above comments) and very prevalent in the US.

    I remember a thread I did after Trayvon Martin’s murderer ZIMMERMAN was set free (and given the okay to murder other black teenagers.) This is an Unofficial TED on LI. The racists remarks made showed overt racism is still alive and well.

    The delight in knowing Trayvon was murdered by a white coward who stood his ground was appalling. In another thread ( same TED), one person said, I would like to live in an area where the darker side of pale does not exist. The response was met with almost unanimous agreement.

    Seems to me these days whites can make any derogatory comment about minorities in public places to become instantly popular with the masses. On TED, blacks are known as immoral, lazy, violent, sloths. Yes this statement was very much liked on TED at linkedIn.

    It is difficult to be a minority in this world full of increasing pockets of white supremacy.

    Btw, I like your format. I may use it to share some of those comments on TED.

    Finally, thanks for stopping by my blog. -Angela

    • Thanks! I liked your blog and really appreciate the feedback. I was shocked by the responses to the Trayvon trial, but not actually surprised. Racism is so acceptable and unacknowledged, it really makes it hard to fight it… So – solidarity!

  3. So depressing… I wish that Jews (and not just anti-Zionists) could express solidarity towards the victims of oppressive regimes, instead of supporting the elements of that in the Israeli government. I feel like it brings shame upon us all (religious or not). I mean, if people are treated like they are terrorists, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And even then, some of them will reject that.

    But instead… violence is escalated, stereotypes are reinforced, and the idea of solidarity is scoffed at (if not outright forgotten). I realize that Israelis have suffered and continue to suffer from terrible violence. But they are also in the difficult position of being the one nation in the region with both the means and motivation to help non-Israelis in the region out. I have often wondered what would happen if Israeli military commanders contacted Syrian rebel groups and offered to assist them against Assad (clearly, the Russians would be pissed). Even if it was just food, water, medical, and communication aid, I think that would turn people’s assumptions about Israel around instead of reinforcing them.

    I don’t know, even with hawks not running Israel, I don’t know if that’d be in any way workable. Maybe it would make things worse even if it was doable. Am I totally naive or illogical to think these things?

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