I love when I discover new *stuff*. I certainly spend enough time just jumping from tab to new tab in my browser… If I spent this much time actually working my career might be in a different condition… (-;

But back on point: CLITERACY. How did we live without it till now????

Sophia Wallace is an American conceptual artist whose topics include queer representations and the of gendering of aesthetics. I really love her work and recommend spending an inordinate amount of time on her beautiful website.

But this post is all about Cliteracy, which can be found on her Tumblr:

 Cliteracy Eye Chart

4 thoughts on “Cliteracy

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    LOL ‘..If I spent this much time actually working my career might be in a different condition… (-; ‘ Me too.. my thesis might be more developed.. but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting : )


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