Rocking the Tel Aviv SlutWalk!

Oh. My. Holy. Crap.

On Friday, April 5th, the Tel Aviv SlutWalk took place and we totally rocked this city! I am so proud of all the hundreds of women who showed up and marched, of the organizers who put their hearts and souls into making it a success, of those who got up on stage and spoke to the crowds about their experiences with rape culture and victim blaming.

I was hoping for the best, but was cautiously optimistic. Rain was expected. There was another organization trying to appropriate the SlutWalk while basing their activities on blatant slut-shaming. Historically, anti-sexual violence marches do not attract huge crowds here. As a matter of fact… This was the largest march I’ve seen! We got good coverage on TV, radio, newspapers, news sites and blogs… So surprising, so gratifying! I’m really just brimming over 🙂

Photos and videos are still being assembled – here is one from YouTube:

Photo gallery – credits to Claudia Levin, Lihi Barnoy, Aviv Aharon, Shimon Hashanki

3 thoughts on “Rocking the Tel Aviv SlutWalk!

  1. Thank you. It was awesome and you are awesome.

    It never crossed my mind to compare this to other anti-sexual-violence events till people started talking about that. I was comparing it to Pride. I think two major differences between this and other such events are that it was fun (which I think contributes to activism a lot), and that it was so much more inclusive. I came cause there were texts by and for genderqueers, asexuals, fat people, Mizrachi women, Russian women, pansexuals and so forth. I feel so many feminist events have nothing to say to me, no room for me there. This one felt like it was mine, too.

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