François Brunelle’s “I am not a look-alike” Doppelganger Series

Canadian photographer François Brunelle photographed a series of people who look uncannily alike. His subjects are not related, and are in fact total strangers. The series, photographed in countries around the world, is entitled, ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike!’, and is the result of the photographer’s obsession with the idea that everyone on earth has a doppelganger.

Not all the pairings were successful in my view, but some are OMG quality. Here’s a sampling.

Francois Brunelle Dopplegangers

Francois Brunelle Look-Alike








2 thoughts on “François Brunelle’s “I am not a look-alike” Doppelganger Series

  1. Wow i love this.. i just met my little brothers doppelganger it was an unique experience for everyone lol. cant wait to encounter my own

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