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Dear MsElouise

Here is my response to your X Utopia post at long last.

Responder “Stealthy” did a very good job of explaining the difference between gender identity, gender presentation, and gender roles. In your response you said that it explains a lot from an academic perspective, but it doesn’t completely jibe with your real-life experiences, and I’d like to add my 2 cents on both aspects.

In your post, it seems to me that you are actually creating a different binary: Either you “embrace the gender binary”, (There are boys and there are girls, boys are this, and girls are that…); Or – You reject the gender binary entirely, and claim there is no such thing as gender at ALL.

I find *this* binary just as “boxing” and limiting and dangerous as the concept of the gender binary. First of all, without getting into definitions of boys and girls…

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